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    The overall objective of REFRESCO is to set the framework for the implementation of new materials in the railway sector through the evolution of certification processes for rolling stock. REFRESCO will generate recommendations and provide the information needed to adapt the regulatory framework of railway carbody structures to the introduction of new materials.

    Such materials are already used in other sectors, both within and outwith transport. In aeronautics, structural and non-structural parts of aircraft are being made from composite materials. The industry has done this progressively, gaining confidence over decades in the performance of such materials for aircraft construction. These materials are also being used in the wind power sector, in the manufacturing of turbines. REFRESCO aims to build upon the extensive knowledge developed in such sectors, in order to apply them in the rail sector and without duplication of the work already carried out by others. This will be done in part by taking advantage of the presence in the REFRESCO consortium of partners with direct and indirect involvement in aeronautics.

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    REFRESCO is linked to SHIFT2RAIL, a proposal for an ambitious large-scale, industrially-driven and multi-annual research programme that aims to help the EU rail industry to retain its world leadership.