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REFRESCO Final Conference – Agenda of the event is now available!

It is our pleasure to announce the REFRESCO Final Conference “Setting the standards for new structural materials for rolling stock”.

The REFRESCO final event will be held in Brussels the 21st of January 2016 where the consortium will present the findings from the project.

REFRESCO investigated how to set the framework for the implementation of new materials in the railway sector through the evolution of certification processes for rolling stock. Such materials have a high potential to reduce the weight of rolling stock compared to the metals currently used. The advantages of composites are already exploited in other sectors, such as aeronautics, where a real revolution has occurred on this matter. REFRESCO generated recommendations and provided the information needed to adapt the regulatory framework of railway carbody structures for the introduction of composite materials.

The final conference will cover topics such as strength, crash and fire resistance, noise and vibration performance, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and maintainability of the composite materials. The researchers took into account earlier studies from other industries such as aviation, aerospace, automotive and shipping, which already have extensive knowledge of the use of composites. During the final conference the project partners will discuss what are the best practices, how maintenance is done and how to deal with damage.

Participation is free of charge and participants are requested to register here before 14 January 2016. The agenda of the event can be viewed here.

In the meantime, if you wish to find out more about the REFRESCO project please contact